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About us


Computer Group NZ Limited (CGNZ) are an independent consultancy with nationwide reach. CGNZ have offices in the Bay of Plenty and in Southland. Additionally, CGNZ also run the Spark Digital franchise in Auckland.

CGNZ have been in existence for 25 years with a long-standing set of trading relationships on both the North and South islands of NZ.

Founded on a historical core competency of infrastructure expertise, CGNZ offer a full range of digital consultancy services.


CGNZ's strategy is to use our infrastructure core competency to diversify in a way that our competition cannot. We’re non-bureaucratic and agile so we are able to rapidly broker 21st century professional services into the markets in which we operate.

In the Bay of Plenty region, CGNZ have a strong set of relationships across Government, Horticulture, Agriculture and Logistics verticals - which means we understand the region and how it is poised for further growth.

CGNZ's current strategy has been defined by our deep relationships with our customers - we realise we need to offer more than traditional infrastructure to remain relevant.  CGNZ continue to diversify our portfolios to ensure we can address our customer’s needs and bring them the best possible technologies so they can stay ahead of their competition.

CGNZ offer a full suite of professional services, through our internal capabilities as well as rock-solid partnerships with technical specialists.

 CGNZ offerings include:

  • Digital Strategy, including technical, information management and big data architecture consultancy. 
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning and execution.
  • Security strategy and risk analysis.
  • Network architecture, in direct coordination with the above.
  • Procurement management and maintenance assurance.
  • Full infrastructure management.

CGNZ’s strategy is one of continuous improvement, driven by staff who are passionate about the future of digital technology. Of particular current interest are Digital Strategy and Security which are in high demand across CGNZ's entire client base.

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